Fuel Consumption Conversion


We've all had this conversation at Club runs:

Curious spectator: "What's the fuel consumption like?"

Proud Owner: "Oh, about 14 miles per gallon around town..."

CS: "Eró what's that in kilometres per litre?"

PO: "In whats???"

(Oddly, the official fuel consumption unit is "Litres per 100 km", but I don't think too many people actually use it. I always get asked about km/litre.)

I usually go into a mental fog: let me see, 4.54 litres per gallon, 1.61 km per mile; divide something into something else, put it all over 100 - and then I say (slightly embarrassed by my ignorance) , "She drinks like a fish."


No more. Here's a handy conversion table to save you the trouble of using up several ball points pens and half a ream of paper working it all out. I've only gone up to 25 mpg on the theory that very few if any Proper Motor Cars will ever achieve that sort of economy.

I started at 5 mpg because under certain circumstances I can imagine one of our PMCs doing as bad as that (say a Phantom 2 hauling another Phantom 2 on a car trailer up Hardknott Pass in England's Lake District... or over the Stelvio Pass.)