Notes from Stelvio Pass
by Jeremy Greene

(From Winged Messenger, Jan-Mar 2015

41EM at the Stelvio (see the road up the pass to the top right)



Many thanks for yet another interesting "Winged Messenger".

The photo of the Gaines-Cooper Silver Ghost (60922) on the Stelvio last year was very different from the day we climbed it. Apart from being incredibly hot, it was the busiest day ever on the pass and it had to be closed for two hours when we were at it's top. There was an international motor cycle group and I have never seen so many thousands of motor bikes. Napoleon built it to get his gun carriages over the Alps, and as they pivoted on one axle, the 50 hairpins are very sharp.

In 41EM, my '24 Ghost (4WBrakes & LWB), we negotiated all but four bends in one go. Same on the descent, but much more difficult. Twenty years ago, at the same time of the year, it was cold and snowing and four hairpins defeated us in one lock. Were they the same bends, Val (Keogh)? All great fun! Nomclamniature

The top of the Stelvio Pass


The Stelvio
(Your Editor puts in his sixpennorth worth)

FOR THOSE who have never heard of the Stelvio Pass, it is a formidable "bootlace" climb through the Italian Alps from Bormio towards Bolzano, hard up against the Swiss border. For many years it was a special stage on the Monte Carlo and the Alpine Rallies, and has also been a challenging climb for bicycle racers in the Tour of Italy (Giro d'Italia), the last time in 2012.

It will come as no surprise that this high Alpine pass is closed in winter...

Jeremy Greene provided the photos including this view from the bottom on a nice summer day (above).