H J Mulliner's and Arthur Mulliners Premises

FOR MANY YEARS H J Mulliner's works and showrooms were in a modest building at the corner of Bath Road and Flanders Rd in Chiswick. Later of course, when bought by Rolls-Royce, H J Mulliners moved their works to Willesden, joining Park Ward there.

Surprisingly, the old works and showroom still exist, but are now shops and possibly flats above. The double doors on the end were the vehicle access; the customer entrance was naturally around the front on Bath Rd.

H J Mulliners Chiswick

WHILE I'm on the subject of Mulliners, the next photo shows the Arthur Mulliner premises in Northampton, at 73-83 Bridge Street. This is also long vacated by coachbuilders. It now also seems to be a combination of commercial and residential premises.Arthur Mulliner was bought by car dealers Henlys in 1940, and ceased coachbuilding.

There was yet another Mulliner in the coachbuilding business: H H Mulliner of Birmingham. All the Mulliners were related to one another. H H Mulliner saw the writing on the wall early on and converted from individual coachbuilding to series production, and among their later products were the bodies of the early Triumph TR sports cars. They closed in 1960, their premises now long gone.

Arthur Mulliners, Northampton

It seems obvious to me that the last window on the right marks where the vehicle entrance used to be. Just check out the stonework arch above, and the different shape. There was quite a large yard behind the building.