Roger Fry and Son, Coachbuilders
189 Urch Rd Roleystone, Western Australia, 6111
Telephone (08) 9397 722

IT STILL AMAZES me that one of the world's finest traditional coachbuilders of classic car bodies is tucked away quietly in Roleystone in Western Australia. Many of Roger Fry's creations are dotted around the world, very highly regarded by all. The current score is more than 50 complete bodies, and heaven only knows how many more repairs, adaptions, and restorations.

1921 Silver Ghost touring car 106AG, coachwork by Roger Fry, now owned by Andrew Bayley of Tasmania


Bentley 3 Litre, coachbuilt by Roger Fry for the late Eric Cecil, R-ROC WA

Vanden Plas style tourer built on a Bentley Mark 6 chassis

A prowl through Chassis Plate 2015 shows more than 20 Roger Fry & Son bodies currently owned by R-ROC members, and I do not include Roger's four H J Mulliner style Silver Cloud/Bentley S  adaptation dropheads in that number. In the Western Australian Branch of R-ROC we have several Roger Fry cars: Peter Briggs' Franay Derby Bentley, Brian Tilbury's Phantom 1 Tourer; Alan Tribe's 1913 Silver Ghost tourer; the fabulous boat-tail tourer formerly owned by Mick Rust and now with Nathan Clements, Jeremy Greene's Bentley 3 Litre Drophead to an Oxborrow and Fuller style,  plus Julian Walters' 1938 Phantom 3 Drophead saloon and his 1920 Silver Ghost tourer. And now Roger Fry's own P2 Continental has joined his Alvis roadster.


Although Roger rarely builds two bodies of the same design, always preferring the challenge of something new, he has done so at least twice: Peter Briggs' Franay style roadster has a twin, which lives in New Zealand; and the Phantom 2 Ascot tourer (below left) formely owned by Val Keogh also has a twin. (The P2s were photographed side by side in Praeclarum some years ago, as were the two Bentleys.)



Alan Tribe's 1913 Ghost, Gingin, 2010

p3 Continental
Roger's own P2 Continental Drophead, 2015

George Forbes' 20 HP Skiff, NSW